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Here's one for you!

"I got a star by learning from text books." - Miss Subedar 2017 (31/1/17)
(Also if you were to be hit by Miss Subedar it would most likely be with a text book!)

That Happened?

*Runs out of classroom crying* - Miss Subedar 2016

"I'm not teaching you anymore!" - Miss Subedar 2016


"I will just hand out textbooks if you continue!" - Miss Subedar 2017

"You will be parked!" - Miss Subedar 2016

"Ruvi" - Miss Subedar 2016

"COME BACK AT BREAK!" - Miss Subedar 2016

The Regulars

"Thats a warning! JOWAD WARNING!" - Miss Subedar 2016

"I'm telling you now!" - Miss Subedar 2017

"YEAR 9!" - Miss Subedar 2016

"If you carry on im getting Mr Cherrington" - Miss Subedar 2017

Other Quotes From Other People

"SCUSE MAE" - Mr Stanley 2016 (Dry Joke - Does he cut himself regularly?)

"Horses, Cars, Horses, Cars" - Mr Wright 2016

"I'm Becuming Cunserned." - Mr Hopkins 2016

"Yorkshire! - Aighht" - Miss Hindle 2016

"Bags off, Coats off, Ready to come in." - Mr Dorrington 2016

"You are making my blood rise." - Mr Foric 2017

"Ze Balls de go Round and Round Until They all Colide." - Mr Foric 2016

"I SEE UR SCWEEN WUT U TRYING TO DO?" - Mr Berdesha 2016

"I'll wait." - Mrs Johnson 2016

"ERR, NOOO!" - Mr Dorrington 2016

"Neowww" - Mr Jandu 2018

"Alllright then guys." - Mr Lynch 2017

"Get the work done, happy days!" - Mr Lynch 2017

"Punch it in on the calculator." - Mr Cherrington 2016

"If you can't do that you shouldn't be in this school" - Mr Cherrington 2016

"Some of you don't have a Scooby Doo" - Mr Cherrington 2017

"Alright Folks" - Mr Cherrington 2016

"I don't give a Scooby Doo" - Mr Cherrington 2016

"If you continue then I will give you PERMANENT INJURIES." - Mr Dorrington 2018

"If you do not complete the homework, then I will have to get on top of you." - Mr Raja 2018

The Steadman Speech

"I went to the forest at the weekend, this was my childhood forest, I went down there and saw 17 BAGS OF DISRESPECT! And these weren't small bags, these were 17 LARGE BLACK BAGS For all of my childhood I went to that forest and it was always clean, but then I went down there and it was trashed. You should all show Miss Subedar more respect!" - Mr Steadman

"Do you know what it's like to get shot?" - Mr Steadman

*Gets shot Fired* - Mr Steadman

Wiggers. The myth, the man, the teacher that can't teach.

"Processes, Processes, Processes, Listen to my steps." - Mr Wigfield 2019

"You should have listened to my excellent teaching points" - Mr Wigfield 2018

"What is assault?" - Mr Wigfield 2019

"Dean, you are looking hot." - Mr Wigfield 2018