Using Laravel, Laravel Jetstream, Vue and Inertia.js


Cube License is a licensing system built to control the distribution of SpigotMC premium plugins by limiting the amount of machines or servers that the plugin can be used on at once, this is accomplished by having a fixed machine lifetime for licenses which are then renewed automatically. Specifics of how this system works cannot be discussed in detail here.


  • User Overrides
  • User Bans
  • Analytics
  • Team Based Resources
  • Database Filtering
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Session Management


Analytics were included to help plugin developers understand their main focus areas such as the version of the Spigot API which they should be building against and how often user's update their plugin.

Analytics dashboard for a resource with graphs for checks, plugin version, operating system distribution, and server version

User Overrides and Bans

Overrides and bans were implemented to either set a specific machine count for a user or block a user from using the resource, this is useful in the case of them leaking or attempting to crack the resource.

User overrides page with table of overridden users and form to create overrides